A free web service for physicians

Accelerate Your Cash Flow

firstCPO allows agencies to receive their documents quicker by providing a web-based tool for sending and processing healthcare documents that require physician signatures. firstCPO agencies receive signed documents in 2-5 days on average, versus 14-21 days using traditional methods. This allows agencies to bill faster and increase their monthly cash flow.

Works with any Agency Software, Secure Email System

firstCPO works with an agency's existing software, so there is no need to retype or recreate documents. Also, if you can print or scan, you can send anything to your physicians. firstCPO will maintain an electronic patient record, and agencies can export signed documents to their software systems. Our HIPAA compliant email system allows you to correspond with physicians and staff about your patients. Why play phone tag when you can get answers and signed orders via email?

Cut Down Your Expenses

By utilizing a smooth electronic platform for exchanging documents, agencies can strengthen their physician relationships while reducing costs. By streamlining your entire daily process, you can significantly reduce overhead such as paper, toner, mileage, and even salaries.