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firstCPO's integration of Care Plan Oversight (CPO) activities makes it easy for physicians to bill. Each document, conversation, or correspondence you work with represents a significant part of the patient care process, and should be documented for reimbursement purposes. firstCPO was designed with this purpose in mind, so it automatically captures the time associated with documents and gives physicians the ability to track other activities as well.

CPO Revenue Only (G0181) - National Average*
# of Patients Monthly Anually
5 $518.80 $6,225.60
10 $1,037.60 $12,451.20
15 $1,556.40 $18,676.80
20 $2,075.20 $24,902.40
25 $2,594.00 $31,128.00

*The national average for G0181 is $103.76.