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"firstCPO is a wonderful service that allows us to bill faster and reduce errors with our physicians. Our physicians love us because we are reducing paper in their offices and making their daily lives easier. The customer service provided by the firstCPO team is second to none."
- Samantha Crawford, Marketing Director, Mangham Home Care, Mangham, LA

"firstCPO helps me to quickly sign orders and expedite communication with my agencies."
- Paul Rushing, M.D.

"firstCPO has enabled us to dramatically reduce our turnaround time for retrieving physician orders and this has resulted in faster claim submission. In addition, the staff is helpful and encouraging in assisting us to utilize firstCPO in our marketing efforts. Help is always available for whatever questions we might have."
- Liz Mason, Owner, Aftercare Nursing Services, Vero Beach, FL

"firstCPO is very easy to use and I prefer this tool over signing paper orders. I like what firstCPO has to offer and want all of my agencies to use it!"
- William Maranto, M.D.

"firstCPO is a wonderful technology and is taking the home health industry in the right direction."
- Larry Flake, M.D.